HostMonster vs eHost Web Hosting Comparison

HostMonster vs eHost

From bandwidth costs and downtime to storage and speed, your web hosting provider is important. In this duel of HostMonster vs eHost, we will find out who is best in the battle of reviews. There are a variety of details that we will consider as we compare HostMonster and eHost. In comparing these two companies, we will be considering: performance, prices and features, security, usability, customer service, and pros/cons, rating each area as deserved.

HostMonster vs eHost – Performance

Businesses will find better performance in eHost. If you have a personal web page where speed is less of a concern, then either eHost or HostMonster will suffice. The response time of HostMonster has fluctuated between 808 ms, in November 2016, and 2,047 ms, in July 2017.

With an improved response time from a low of 568 ms, in August 2016, to a high of 848 ms in August 2017, eHost, for speed, eHost is much better than HostMonster. Please note that the data is flawed from January 2017 to May 2017.

However, this does not affect our rating due to the lowest response time occurring before these months and the highest response time occurring after these months. With a guarantee of 99.9%, both companies provide the same level of service. In this category, eHost performs the best.

HostMonster vs eHost – Prices & Features

The following table ranges from shared plans, you share a server with others, at similar prices to business plans, those with a dedicated server.

Both companies have the same unmetered options for all shared plans. Also, both companies do offer promotional rates; however, these rates are temporary and therefore not included.

Hosting Company
Price Range/ month
Disk Space (min to max)
Bandwidth (min to max)
$10.99 – $249.99
1 to unmetered
50GB to unmetered
5 TB to unmetered
$10.49 – Quoted
1 to unmetered
Quoted to unmetered
Quoted to unmetered

Both companies offer shared plans. The main difference is that eHost is being obtuse regarding their business domain hosting, as they will only provide quotes, the quality of the features is unknown.

On the upside, being quoted means a more focused approach to your hosting. You will get what you need instead of massive amounts of features that you do not use.

Although there are unknowns, the minute price difference of and the flexibility to create just what you need with eHost, it moves ahead of HostMonster.

HostMonster vs eHost – Security

While it is safe to utilize either service, a standard user will find a better risk reduction by using eHost. Business plans will not notice a difference between the two and risk is mitigated similarly by HostMonster and eHost.

They both implement SSL and support SiteLock, which uses malware scanning and removal, DDoS protection, and more.

The best security features, custom firewall rules, and DDoS protection are available on every plan only at eHost. While HostMonster has these features, you must have a premium to access them, which leaves eHost as the definite winner.

HostMonster vs eHost – Usability

Both companies use cPanel for your administration needs. The two companies offer the beauty of simplicity for the most novice of users, such as drag-and-drop and pre-made scripts. Their interfaces are clean, smooth, and pleasing to the eyes.

HostMonster falls short due to database limitations, especially the 2 GB single database limit and the 3 GB single account database limit. The only limit to your size at eHost is the size of your cPanel’s disk space.

This issue alone allows eHost to accommodate the complexity desired by the majority of advanced users. Beginner to intermediate users will not notice much of a difference. With their superiority with advanced user functionality, eHost rises to the top.

HostMonster vs eHost – Customer Service

HostMonster and eHost have services that include: 24/7 online chat, phone support, a knowledge base, tickets, 24/7 email, forums, and tutorials.

HostMonster has a reduced reliability compared to eHost; they often experience issues with their forums and their knowledge base is small compared to eHost.

The support is equally effective for each company. They both provide daily backups, and eHost offers assistance with building your web page.

Any feature that HostMonster has, eHost has it as well and often for free or better rates. It is not difficult to see that eHost is the clear winner.

HostMonster vs eHost – Pros & Cons




  • They offer good security features.
  • Their cPanel is elegant and fun to use. Any user can pick it up quickly and begin making their website.
  • They are cheap, super cheap.
  • They have that lovely 99.9% uptime guarantee.


  • They have horrific database limits.
  • They limit their “unmetered” bandwidth to an unknown amount of resources.
  • Their knowledge base is sad. We enjoy being able to learn more about a service we’re using, and it’s just plain difficult to do so with HostMonster.
  • Their response time is really slow.



  • They offer flexible plans that are tailored to your needs and also offer cheap plans.
  • Your database size is only limited by your cPanel disk size.
  • Their response time is speedy while keeping a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • They have an extensive knowledge base that is easy to search.


  • Their quotes obscure pricing at first glance, especially if you don’t want to contact them.
  • While their security features are nicer than at HostMonster, they could do better.

HostMonster vs eHost – Rating


Hosting Company
Customer Support



After reviewing the two companies, eHost won the contest. Their great response times, working forums and an extensive knowledge base, and the ability to support advanced users gave them victory. Slowness plagues HostMonster and they experience forum crashes, have a small knowledge base, and they limit your databases. They do have a great user interface that is beautiful and intuitive and their plans are cheap. They have some work to do to catch up to eHost, but they are solid for a user that is just beginning. While eHost is the winner here, see how it compares with WP Engine.

Whether you are a basic or advanced user, in the HostMonster vs eHost comparison, eHost is the one to choose. However, you should try them both and share your thoughts and expriences!

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