eHost vs WP Engine Web Hosting Comparison

ehost vs wp engine

Choosing a web host for your website is an important task. You need to consider not only your own needs but those of your visitors/customers as well. If you’re running a business, then this is even more important. There are a lot of different hosts out there, each catering to different needs. This comparison review will look at two popular web hosts, eHost vs WP Engine, and will compare their features and performance to help you make this all-important decision.

eHost vs WP Engine – Performance

eHost has servers everywhere, so your performance will vary based on your location relative to your assigned server. Basically, though, connections are snappy, and there’s no real terrible delay or anything like that, so the load performance seems strong enough. The problem is the initial response time. It usually takes about 700 ms just to ping the server. That’s where most of the lag comes in.

WP Engine is known for above average speed and performance. The aren’t at the top of the pack, but they do test better than eHost. They give you the option to choose your data center to optimize your speed for where most of your traffic will be coming from. This is encouraging. Their response time seems to fall around 500 ms on average, and their page load times overall are slightly faster than eHost.

eHost vs WP Engine – Prices & Features

eHost used to be considered a competitive option in its previous incarnation, and it’s still largely true. There’s the problem of upselling though, which is rampant when you’re trying to get going. They upsell things like priority support and automatically adding your site to search engines. But some of these things are dubious at best.

WP Engine is far from cheap, but they are a managed option, meaning they take care of everything for you. They optimize your site, set everything up, run updates and handle security. So just know you’re paying for one-on-one attention to your website, which may or may not be worth it to you.

Pricing in the table below is based on monthly payment plans. Discounts are often available for yearly or 2-year plans.

Hosting Company Price Range Domains Disk Space (min to max) Bandwidth (min to max)
eHost $2.75 – $13.98/mo Unlimited Unlimited Unmetered
WP Engine $29 – $249/mo 1 – Unlimited 10 GB – 1 TB Unmetered with possible throttling above a certain number of visits

eHost vs WP Engine – Security

As a service, eHost comes with all the standard security features like firewalling and antispam, but they will try to upsell you pretty hard on additional protection like SiteLock. Considering the high price, it would be nice to see more features included, but sadly they are not.

WP Engine does much of the same sadly. They take care of your security updates and making sure your site isn’t being compromised, which should give you a great peace of mind, but they will also try to upsell additional security protections for about $16/mo. That is mostly only necessary though if your site was already compromised. The standard they provide is almost certainly enough, and it’s more than you’ll get with most other hosts.

eHost vs WP Engine – Usability

eHost provides the standard tools of the trade. They also include cPanel free of cost. You can use cPanel to do pretty much anything related to managing your site and domains with a few simple clicks. You can set up your email, optimize your site, and install WordPress or Joomla with just a few easy clicks. If there’s something you don’t know how to do, the knowledge base on the site or Google will usually tell you how to get it done via cPanel, since everyone uses it nowadays.

WP Engine couldn’t be any easier. It’s a managed solution, so they do it all for you. Just tell them what you need done, and they’ll do it. It really is that simple. You don’t need any special knowledge or anything. Just tell them what to do and let them do it. Of course, they only provide WordPress hosting, so that may be a problem for some.

eHost vs WP Engine – Customer Service

eHost seems to be pretty good with customer support. Some people will always have bad experiences with support lines, but overall they seem fine. They have 24/7 chat, call, and email support always available and an extensive support center with tons of articles on how to fix things yourself.

WP Engine has excellent support. As a managed option, they almost have to. Just call them and have them fix it. They do seem to require you to do some of the heavy lifting in the set up phase so they know how you want everything, but they’re also more than willing to walk you through that as well.

eHost vs WP Engine – Pros & Cons



  • The have decent customer support.
  • Their performance is slightly above average.
  • They provide unlimited storage and bandwidth.


  • They upsell you hard on bonuses, some of which are dubious.

WP Engine


  • Managed hosting allows you to spend your time elsewhere.
  • Their support is very attentive and willing to help.
  • Their pricing structure is easy to follow.


  • They are expensive.
  • They upsell on some security features.
  • The initial setup may be cumbersome for some.

eHost vs WP Engine – Rating

Hosting Company Performance Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
eHost 7/10 8/10 7/10 9/10 8/10 8/10
WP Engine 8/10 9/10 7/10 9/10 10/10 10/10


Overall, it depends on what you need. If your time is better spent making content or running a business, WP Engine makes sense because it takes all the management out of your hands while still allowing you to make tweaks if you want. You won’t have to spend any time on the technical side of running a website. If value is more important and you’re willing to weed through the technical stuff, eHost is better and a lot cheaper. See how eHost compares to DreamHost, a service with a wider variety of hosting options.

Let us know what you think about these web hosting services. Which one would you pick as a winner?

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