eHost vs Micfo Web Hosting Comparison

ehost vs micfo

eHost and Micfo are two very different hosting companies. While they both offer cheap, budget-friendly hosting, Micfo offers a wider variety of plans. In this eHost vs Micfo article, we will go into detail about how the two hosting companies are similar and different. We will then rate them in each of these categories: performance, pricing, features, security, usability, and customer support.

eHost vs Micfo – Performance

Performance is important to keep your website up and visitors on your website for longer periods of time. eHost has an average of 100% uptime. However, their uptime guarantee is not obvious on their website. Micfo’s uptime average is 99.97%. Micfo’s page load speeds average around 1.74 seconds. eHost has a slightly faster load speed of about half a second. This puts eHost ahead of Micfo in performance because of their perfect uptime and incredibly fast speeds.

eHost vs Micfo – Pricing & Features

eHost only has one plan and that is a shared hosting account. This does make things easy if all you need is the basics for your website. eHost does offer unlimited resources for this plan, so you can grow quite a lot before having to move to another hosting service. Since you share a server with many different accounts, the company must balance them on the server. If you use more than what they can allow one person to use on the server, they either help you upgrade your account or, in this case, terminate your account.

Micfo has quite a bit more to offer with cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. All of their accounts are managed, which means there’s a lot less work for those involved. This is the cause of their higher prices.

Hosting Company Price Range/Month Domains Disk Space (min. to max.) Bandwidth (min. to max.)
eHost $2.75-$5.50/mo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Micfo $14.00-$21.00/mo 1 to Unlimited 70GB to Unlimited (SSD) 700GB to Unlimited

As one can expect, Micfo is a a winner, for it is superior in features, although a little more expensive than eHost.

eHost vs Micfo – Security

eHost balances their servers so that they don’t get overloaded. They also include 24/7 network monitoring. Micfo gives their customers network monitoring as well, and they provide DDoS attack protection. For some of their plans, Micfo also provides a free dedicated IP address.

Security is very important to keep your business and your customers safe. Micfo comes out ahead in security due to their many add-on security options and their free DDoS protection.

eHost vs Micfo – Usability

eHost has numerous features that make their web hosting services more user-friendly. cPanel, the easiest and most common control panel on the market for Linux servers, comes free with their plans. They incorporate Google webmaster tools into their plans so they are easy to use. They also have a drag-and-drop website builder, 1GB of JustCloud cloud storage, and $200 of ad credit.

Micfo does not give any advertising credits that they advertise, but they also use cPanel with a 1-click library of applications and scripts to install on your site. In the usability category, eHost wins.

eHost vs Micfo – Customer Service

Like many web hosting companies, Micfo and eHost both offer 24/7 chat, email, and phone. Both also offer a 30-day money back guarantee to allow new customers the opportunity to try their services risk-free.

The biggest difference is that eHost says that they answer all their phone calls within 2 minutes. This is excellent in the web hosting industry. Micfo has mixed customer support reviews online. This means that eHost wins in the customer service category.

eHost vs Micfo – Pros & Cons


These are the pros and cons of using eHost as your web hosting service:


  • Very low rates
  • Balanced servers
  • Super-fast page load speeds
  • Perfect uptime
  • $200 worth of Ad Credit for Bing, Yahoo!, and Google


  • Only one hosting option
  • Low security


Here are the advantages and disadvantages when using Micfo’s web hosting services:


  • Excellent uptime
  • Fast page load speeds
  • Lots of hosting options
  • Managed hosting


  • Unimpressive customer support reviews
  • No super cheap option

eHost vs Micfo – Rating

Hosting Company Performance Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
eHost 9/10 9/10 10/10 7/10 10/10 9/10
Micfo 10/10 9/10 9/10 8/10 8/10 6/10


For your basic website or blog, we definitely recommend eHost. They give the most features for your money and have a great customer service track record. However, Micfo is a more sophisticated hosting service. So, if you’re looking for a high-traffic website, Micfo will be better suited for you.

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