Bluehost vs Wiredtree Web Host Comparison

Bluehost vs Wiredtree

Are you a blogger just starting out on your journey? Or are you a webmaster looking to switch to a more powerful web hosting server? No matter your situation, you’re probably wondering if Bluehost or Wiredtree (acquired by LiquidWeb as of January 2017) is the right hosting service for you. Read on our Bluehost vs Wiredtree article to see the difference between these two web hosts and make your decision.

Bluehost vs Wiredtree – Performance

Bluehost has a not so stellar rating in performance. The average Bluehost uptime for their hosting servers is 99.93%, which is below industry standard. The Bluehost page load speeds are at 1,058 ms or more, which is pretty slow compared to other hosting companies.

Wiredtree (now LiquidWeb) guarantees 99.992% uptime, which is virtually 100%. Unfortunately, the Wiredtree page load times vary greatly because of the extreme customization you can accomplish. Obviously, the Wiredtree plan you choose will affect the amount of time it takes to load a page.

Wiredtree is the winner here based on uptime alone.

Bluehost vs Wiredtree – Pricing & Features

With three plans to start with, Bluehost is best suited for a wide range of sites. The Bluehost Basic package, which allows for 1 domain, 50GB of disk space, and unmetered bandwidth, is great for single websites or blogs, even if you don’t use WordPress. The Bluehost high packages allow for more than one website, and up to unlimited disk space.

Wiredtree’s plans start at $59 for Cloud VPS Hosting, with 40 GB SSD Disk Space, 10 TB Bandwidth, unlimited sites. This is overkill for your average blogger, but websites that expect a lot of traffic, or those that will use a lot of self-hosted videos will benefit from Wiredtree’s hosting services.

Bluehost wins out here on pricing, but Wiredtree wins on features since a webmaster can fully customize what they want with any package.

Hosting Company Price Range/ Month Domains Disk Space (min to max) Bandwith
Bluehost $3.59-$14.99 1 to Unlimited 50 GB to Unlimited Unmetered
Wiredtree $59.00 and up Unlimited  40 GB to unlimited 10 TB to Unlimited

Wiredtree vs Bluehost – Security

Bluehost has hotlink protection and spam prevention as part of their standard features. They also have CloudFlare, which can prevent DDoS attacks. SSH access is also offered, but if you want an SSL certificate or other security features, you’ll have to pay for them.

Wiredtree has state of the art services down pat. Their ServerShield hardening and optimization keeps your websites and data safe from attack. There are also proactive security patches and updates that keep your security at the forefront. Malware scanning is also free. They integrate server secure advanced security and firewall with their plans

With Wiredtree’s versatility, they come out on top in security.

Wiredtree vs Bluehost – Usability

Both Bluehost and Wiredtree use cPanel, which is the industry standard admin panel and relatively easy to use. Bluehost offers 1-click WP install, but charges $199 to migrate any site to their servers. Wiredtree offers site migration for free.

Wiredtree also offers 24×7 proactive service monitoring and restoration. Should something go wrong, they can fix it right away. They also have completely customizable options when setting up your server. If you want a faster server or more bandwidth, you can add it to your order.

Bluehost vs Wiredtree – Customer Service

Bluehost offers 24/7 support via phone and chat; however, there are mixed Bluehost customer service reviews. If you give them a call, you can expect 45-minute hold times on average. They do include automatic daily, weekly, and monthly backups to even their Basic plan, so if anything goes wrong, at least you’ll have a backup.

Wiredtree also offers 24/7 support via phone or through their help desk. They boast an average of 2-minute wait times for phone, and all tickets are answered in under 15 minutes. R1Soft Backups are included with hybrid and VPS servers.

Wiredtree vs Bluehost – Pros & Cons


Here are the pros and cons for using Bluehost:


  • recommended host;
  • Good security for cost;
  • Great introductory price;


  • Uptimes less than industry standard;
  • Slow page load speeds;
  • Extras are costly;
  • Unimpressive customer service;


Now take a look at the pros and cons for Wiredtree:


  • Excellent security;
  • Fully customizable service;
  • Fully responsive customer support;
  • Free migration;


  • High cost;
  • Technical knowledge required for setup;


Hosting Company Performance> Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
Bluehost 5/10 8/10 9/10 10/10 9/10 4/10
Wiredtree 8/10 10/10 6/10 10/10 9/10 10/10


Bluehost is definitely lacking in many areas. Their customer support and performance fall short, but they have good features and security for the prices they offer. Bluehost would be a decent starting place for beginning websites and bloggers of all kinds.

Wiredtree (currently LiquidWeb) is the obvious winner as far as performance and features are concerned. Unfortunately, their prices are not within everyone’s budget.

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