Bluehost vs WebHostingHub Web Hosting Comparison

bluehost vs webhostinghub

This article compares the web hosting services Bluehost vs WebHostingHub. Both hosting services are analyzed in detail to find their strengths and their weaknesses, as well as the website applications at which they excel. All the key metrics for a web hosting company are compared, including performance, features, pricing, security, ease of use and customer service reports. Then, based on the strengths and the shortcomings of the two services, I conclude by choosing which of the services is the better one.

Bluehost vs WebHostingHub – Performance

From a performance standpoint, WebHostingHub is a slightly better service than Bluehost. Both services fall around the average for reliability, with an uptime of 99.89% for Bluehost and 99.90% for WebHostingHub. The big difference between the two providers comes from page load speed. Bluehost’s response times are approximately 50% slower than average, while WebHostingHub’s are 27% faster than average, which it achieves by using solid state hard drives on its servers. This makes WebHostingHub the clear winner in the category. However, Bluehost has recently introduced a new premium hosting option that is both faster and more reliable, but it has not yet seen long-term testing.

Bluehost vs WebHostingHub – Prices & Features

Both Bluehost and WebHostingHub can be a good value depending on the kind of features you need. Both offer very cheap entry-level options, though getting the low promotional pricing requires paying for a long period up front. Bluehost comes with a larger variety of built-in options, including WordPress support, automatic backups, and e-commerce support, as well as offering a premium dedicated hosting options. Not only is there no dedicated hosting with WebHostingHub, but they also charge extra for many of the options that Bluehost offers as standard features. Bluehost offers more at a lower price, making it the better value of the two hosting services.

Hosting Company Price Range /month Domains Disk Space (min to max) Bandwidth (min to max)
Bluehost $3.95-$13.95 1 50 GB to unlimited Unlimited
WebHostingHub $4.99-$8.99 2 to unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Bluehost vs WebHostingHub – Security

Security is Bluehost’s strong suit, while WebHostingHub lags slightly behind the rest of the industry. The usual site security features like SSH access, spam protection, and daily backups are standard with Bluehost, alongside features that usually command a premium, like CloudFlare integration and IP blacklists. Even more security features are available as upgrade options. WebHostingHub, meanwhile, charges a premium for anything beyond basic SSH access and spam filters. If security and access control are something that your website really needs, then Bluehost will offer you a much better return on your investment compared to WebHostingHub.

Bluehost vs WebHostingHub – Usability

Both Bluehost and WebHostingHub are very easy to use though in very different ways. Bluehost is oriented around integrating with a wide variety of apps and is one of the hosting services recommended by WordPress. There are many different application integration options, and you can add them to your website with a few clicks of the mouse. WebHostingHub is instead leaning towards more entry-level users with an extremely easy website creation and configuration tool. It is incredibly accessible regardless of technical ability, while still being relatively powerful. This ease of use gives WebHostingHub a slight advantage over Bluehost in usability.

Bluehost vs WebHostingHub – Customer Service

Customer service is not a strong suit of either of the two hosting companies. Bluehost’s customer service has generally negative scores, with long delays, confused customer service representatives and difficulties in account management being cited as reasons for a poor customer experience. WebHostingHub has a mixed record of customer service, with roughly half of the responses positive and half negative. Customers had mostly positive experiences with the technical staff but found account management and billing to be less pleasant.

Bluehost vs WebHostingHub – Pros & Cons



  • Impressive array of both standard and extra security options
  • Easy integration with web applications
  • Can be scaled up to business-level dedicated hosting


  • Slow loading times compared to many competitors
  • Poor customer service reviews
  • Limited disk space in with the entry-level package



  • Solid state disks make for a big improvement in loading speed
  • Powerful website builder that is easy to use
  • Unlimited storage even in the basic tier


  • Many add-on options that are missing from the base package
  • Relatively basic security options
  • Limited scalability for more intensive applications

Bluehost vs WebHostingHub – Rating

Hosting Company Performance Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
Bluehost 7/10 9/10 8/10 9/10 8/10 5/10
WebHostingHub 8/10 6/10 7/10 5/10 9/10 7/10


Bluehost and WebHostingHub offer many reasons to choose them as your hosting service providers. Bluehost impresses with its value, a focus on security and external app integration, making it a great choice for users that like to customize their websites and add extended functionality. Based on the data collected, we recommend Bluehost out of the two service providers. While it may lag behind a little in performance, it still offers a very good value when it comes to features and pricing. Bluehost also stacks well against 000webhost, as we’ve concluded in our Bluehost vs 000webhost comparison. Which qualities are important for you in a web host? Let us know your thoughts and questions.

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