Bluehost vs A2Hosting Web Host Comparison

bluehost vs a2hosting

Both founded in 2003, Bluehost and A2Hosting are two of the world’s most popular web hosts today. Both hosts claim to have the lowest prices and fastest servers in the industry, so how can you choose between Bluehost vs A2Hosting? In this article, we’ll profile these two web hosts and help you choose between the two. We’ll compare Bluehost vs A2Hosting in terms of key features, such as price, performance, and security, to help you arrive at a decision.

Bluehost vs A2HostingĀ – Performance

A2Hosting guarantees that your server will be available at least 99.9 percent of the time. Bluehost does not have an uptime guarantee, but “strives to offer the best” uptime in the industry. In the performance department, A2Hosting offers more features than the average hosting company. All A2Hosting accounts — even shared accounts — include servers with solid-state drives. A2Hosting also offers higher service tiers with integrated caching, more resources per user and the ability to increase the server’s performance during traffic spikes. Bluehost makes no claims about the performance of its hosting services. However, Bluehost does specify that VPS and dedicated hosting are faster than shared hosting.

Bluehost vs A2Hosting – Prices and Features

A2Hosting and Bluehost both offer shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. A2Hosting offers lower starting prices for shared and VPS hosting, but Bluehost’s dedicated servers cost less than those from A2Hosting at every service tier. For most service types though, A2Hosting offers more features for less money.

Shared Hosting Company Price Range/ Month Domains Disk space (min. to max.) Bandwith (min. to max.)
Bluehost 3.95-5.95 1-unlimited 50 GB-Unilimited Unlimited
A2Hosting 3.92-9.31 1-unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


VPS Hosting Company Price Range/ Month Domains Disk Space Bandwith
Bluehost 14.99-59.99 Unlimited 30 GB and up 1 TB and up
A2Hosting 5.00-32.99 with coupon code 34MANVPS Unlimited 20 GB and up 2 TB and up



Dedicated Hosting Company Price Range/ Month Domains Disk Space Bandwith
Bluehost 79.99-119.99 Unlimited 1 TB (mirrored) and up 5 TB and up
A2Hosting 99.59-141.09 with coupon code FASTSRVR Unlimited 500 GB (mirrored) and up 10 TB and up


Bluehost vs A2Hosting – Security

A2Hosting includes two proprietary security features included with every account. The first of these is KernelCare, which automatically monitors each server’s Linux kernel and updates it as necessary. The second is HackScan, which monitors each server in real time to defend against hacker attacks and malware.

Bluehost offers SiteLock as an add-on for customers at a yearly rate of $23.88 per domain. SiteLock scans for malware, verifies that your business’s information is valid and checks for your website’s presence on blacklists. In all, Bluehost offers more security features than A2Hosting. However, subscribing to SiteLock can greatly increase your yearly subscription fee.


A2Hosting has a slight edge in usability over Bluehost. Both hosts offer cPanel as a front-end for easy management of your server, and both hosts offer one-click installations of popular content management systems such as WordPress. A2Hosting’s usability score is slightly higher because A2Hosting offers extensive features for developers. As an A2Hosting customer, you’ll have access to PHP 5.3-7.0, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.4 and Python 2.6-3.2.

Customer Service

A2Hosting edges out Bluehost in the support department. A2Hosting and Bluehost both offer 24/7 support. Both companies offer telephone and chat support. A2Hosting offers a ticket system though, and Bluehost does not.

In addition, A2Hosting includes a free backup feature, called Server Rewind, with all hosting packages. Server Rewind makes it possible to easily restore individual files or entire databases through a simple interface. Bluehost does not offer free automatic backups. Bluehost’s backup service — Site Backup Pro — costs $12.99 per year.

Pros and Cons



  • Excellent prices
  • Fast solid-state storage included
  • Automatic website backups included
  • 24/7 phone, chat and email support
  • Will transfer an existing website for you at no charge
  • Extensive library of tools for developers


  • Higher prices than Bluehost for dedicated servers
  • Website security is free, but features are less robust than with Bluehost



  • Very good prices; excellent prices for dedicated servers
  • Automatic backups and SiteLock Pro security available (fees)
  • 24/7 phone and chat support


  • Higher prices than A2Hosting overall
  • Automatic backups are not free
  • No email support available


Hosting Company Performance Feature Price Security Usability Customer Support
Bluehost 7/10 8/10 7/10 7/10 9/10 6/10
A2Hosting 10/10 10/10 8/10 8/10 10/10 10/10


In all areas, except the monthly price for dedicated servers, A2Hosting outscores Bluehost.

Thus, when comparing A2Hosting vs Bluehost, only A2Hosting offers solid-state storage, proprietary security features, and automatic server backups with all hosting packages. Furthermore, A2Hosting also offers slightly lower monthly prices for all server types, except dedicated servers. If you need a dedicated server, and want it for the lowest price possible, Bluehost may be the better choice for you.

Are you an A2Hosting or Bluehost customer? Share your opinions with us below!

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