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August 31, 2018

eHost vs GoDaddy Web Hosting Comparison

(UPDATED August 2018: eHost is closed for business. Existing customers will be migrated to Sitelio.com or JustHost.com. Further details can be found on eHost.com.) It’s exciting and stressful to be looking for a web hosting company for your new online project. eHost and GoDaddy have many benefits including load-balanced servers and the easy-to-use cPanel control panel. What is the significant difference between these two hosting companies? We will provide a detailed eHost vs GoDaddy comparison so that you can make an informed decision about which company you should choose. We will use the following criteria: performance, prices, features, security, usability, and customer service. [...]

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May 30, 2018

1and1 vs HostGator Web Hosting Comparison

1and1 vs Hostgator is a battle of two low-cost hosting solutions. The latter is well-known to anyone with a website, while the former is a bit of a mystery to those outside the industry. The purpose of this review is to take a look at 1and1 as well as Hostgator to figure out which service is worth your time and money.

1and1 vs Hostgator – Performance

1and1 and HostGator are tied neck in neck when it comes to pure performance, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Neither service is particularly fast, staying right in the middle of the pack almost all the time. You won’t get bad service, but you won’t get the fastest loading speeds from either one of [...]

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March 15, 2018

1and1 vs InMotion Web Hosting Comparison

Choosing the right hosting service can be tough, especially when you’re picking between two well-known companies. 1and1 and InMotion are both solid performers, though they’re a bit different when you get below the surface. The purpose of this 1and1 vs InMotion comparison is to look at both hosts and help you figure out which one is the best value for your money.

1and1 vs InMotion – Performance

1and1 and InMotion are both in the same boat when it comes to pure performance. Neither is especially fast and neither offers many real technological benefits compared to other hosts. 1and1 typically tends to be counted among the bargain hosts, and InMotion probably [...]

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February 23, 2018

1and1 vs FatCow Web Hosting Comparison

1and1 and FatCow both occupy similar places in the world of web hosting. They are both low-cost solutions that still provide the tools necessary for everything from personal blogs to eCommerce. They both have unique ways of doing things, though, and comparing them does require a deep dive into how they work. This article will provide you with a 1and1 vs FatCow comparison of the performance, prices, features, security, and customer service of both companies in order to figure out which is the better low-cost web host.

1and1 vs FatCow – Performance

It’s not often that a middle-of-the-road score will be a winner in a review, but that’s certainly the case in the [...]

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