GoDaddy vs Arvixe Web Hosting Comparison

by Jerry ClarkSeptember 26, 2018

With the sheer selection of choices available, it can be hard to pick the best web hosting service for your web projects. To help you do so, this article compares two of the most popular web hosting services – Arvixe vs GoDaddy. This detailed GoDaddy vs Arvixe comparison of the two services will rate them on their performance, value, security, usability and customer service, assigning a score to each. Then, based on these scores, we will offer the pros and cons of each host and determine which one is the better choice.

GoDaddy vs Arvixe – Performance

In terms of performance, Arvixe tends to be slightly below average, while GoDaddy is slightly above the industry average. Arvixe’s average page load time is 3.33 seconds in tests, while its uptime is 99.88%. GoDaddy exceeds both of those, coming it at an average load time of 3.07 seconds and an uptime of 99.96%. This is above the industry average in both metrics, while Arvixe comes in below average in uptime and around the average for loading time. If your web page needs both speed and reliable access, GoDaddy is the better option.

GoDaddy vs Arvixe – Prices and Features

Both Arvixe and GoDaddy offer a wide range of hosting options, including business and dedicated server options. For standard web hosting, Arvixe is more expensive but offers a lot of standard features on even the basic plans, such as email integration, advertising credits, and development support. GoDaddy is significantly less expensive at its cheapest but has fewer features. Its most expensive option is comparable to the cheapest option from Arvixe, giving Arvixe the better overall value.

Hosting Company Price Range/ month Domains Disk Space (min to max) Bandwidth (min to max)
Arvixe $7.00 – $11.00 1 to unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
GoDaddy $3.99 – $7.99 1 to unlimited 100 GB to unlimited Unlimited

GoDaddy vs Arvixe – Security

Web hosting security is a clear strength of Arvixe. All plans come with a long list of security features, including anti-DDoS measures, multiple fraud and spam protection systems and live network monitoring. Of the above, only fraud and spam protection are included in GoDaddy’s basic feature list. GoDaddy also recently made headlines due to issuing unverified security certificates, raising concerns about their security practices. It still provides most of the basics that casual users would need, but Arvixe is definitely the better options for security-minded buyers.

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GoDaddy vs Arvixe – Usability

Both Arvixe and GoDaddy excel when it comes to usability. They both come with straightforward, easy-to-use control panels to manage your website, as well as a built-in website builder applications. Both also make it very easy to integrate additional packages like Python, Drupal or WordPress. Arvixe does come with a wider selection of tools, such as web marketing and e-commerce applications that allow you to get a business page up and running very quickly. While both are very easy to use, some of the more advanced options are more accessible with Arvixe, giving it the upper hand in this category.

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GoDaddy vs Arvixe – Customer Service

Customers like GoDaddy’s customer service far more than they like Arvixe’s. Arvixe receives mostly negative reviews from customers. Arvixe reviews cite long wait times and poor product knowledge from both phone and chat support. GoDaddy reviews are mostly positive, with customers generally having satisfactory phone support experience. However, there is no chat option and customer opinion of GoDaddy’s email support is mixed. Even despite those downsides, GoDaddy still offers the superior customer service experience of the two hosting services.

GoDaddy vs Arvixe – Pros and Cons



  • Includes a full suite of security features.
  • Many business and marketing libraries are pre-integrated.
  • Straightforward pricing model: rates don’t double on renewal and few key features are sold as add-ons.


  • Poor performance metrics compared to the industry average.
  • For casual users, the value of the included options may not be worth the price.
  • Their customer service is almost universally under scrutiny.



  • Very cheap entry-level hosting options.
  • Excellent performance that exceeds the industry average.
  • Generally good customer service ratings.


  • Price nearly doubles after the introductory period and many features cost extra.
  • Oriented towards more casual users, so some advanced features can be hard to find.
  • Recent security issues could be indicative of poor oversight.

GoDaddy vs Arvixe – Rating

Hosting Company Performance Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
Arvixe 6/10 8/10 8/10 9/10 9/10 5/10
GoDaddy 9/10 7/10 7/10 6/10 9/10 9/10


Both Arvixe and GoDaddy are hosting services that offer some unique advantages. Arvixe is a service that provides many attractive features that make creating and hosting even a fairly advanced web page very easy, as well as having an excellent security suite protecting your website. GoDaddy offers some very inexpensive pricing options, performs well and has excellent customer support. Based on the assessment, we have to recommend GoDaddy as the preferred hosting service of the two. Its better performance and customer service benefit all websites.  Let us know what you think! Share your experience, thoughts, and questions on GoDaddy vs Arvixe!

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