AltusHost vs FatCow Web Hosting Comparison

Altushost Vs Fatcow Web Hosting

Picking a good website host is more than a matter of looking at prices. It’s a process that involves figuring out exactly how the host will support your needs as a website owner. The purpose of this article is to take a look at two of these hosting companies, AltusHost and FatCow. Through a close look at factors like performance, prices, features, customer service and usability, we’ll have a chance to figure out which one of these hosting companies wins the AltusHost vs FatCow battle.

Altushost vs FatCow – Performance

Fatcow has the unfortunate distinction of suffering significant downtime in the recent past. It’s not guaranteed to happen in the future, but past performance is a very good metric for measuring the performance of a host. Fortunately, Altushost does a good job of picking up the slack in this category, with nearly one-hundred percent uptime over the course of the last six months. When problems have happened, Altushost sites have been down for a total of a few minutes – not a bad track record at all. As such, Altushost definitely wins this category.

AltusHost vs FatCow – Prices & Features

AltusHost is a European company that offers a number of different hosting solutions for users who need very specific products. While they have the normal range of shared hosting solutions, they are one of the few major companies that also offer custom hosting options. FatCow, on the other hand, targets users who want bargain-bin prices while still getting the social cache that comes from choosing an environmentally-friendly option. The two companies are fairly different, not only in terms of service but also in terms of pricing.

Hosting Company Price Range/Month Domains Disk Space (min. to max.) Bandwidth (min. to max.)
AltusHost $4.85-$14.95 / month Unlimited 10GB to 40GB 256GB-1TB
FatCow $49 per year 1 Unlimited Unlimited

While AltusHost certainly gets the nod in terms of absolute lowest price, you actually get more for your money when you go with FatCow. As such, FatCow remains the better value.

AltusHost vs FatCow – Security

If you’re looking at the basics, neither AltusHost nor FatCow does anything special for free. Both, however, offer a wide range of services if you are willing to pay a bit of extra money every month. AltusHost, for example, has a number of great SSL security options that are offered at a fairly hefty fee. It also provides spam protection for no extra cost. FatCow also gives the same basic types of protection for somewhat less of a fee, but its real benefit is its daily backup service. It’s one of the best you’ll find, even if you do have to pay extra for the service. FatCow wins only because of that excellent backup service.

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AltusHost vs FatCow – Usability

This one is perhaps the easiest category to call. The vast majority of hosting services out there use cPanel to help users navigate the back-end of their sites. If your host uses this format, you’ll be able to easily work on your site and find a ton of help. If not, though, you’ll have to slog through your host’s FAQs and hope that you can get a good CSR on the line when you have problems. AltusHost has cPanel – FatCow does not. It’s very easy to call this one in favor of AltusHost.

AltusHost vs FatCow – Customer Service

AltusHost has, by all reports, incredibly friendly customer support. In theory, you won’t need it much due to the service’s uptime, but it’s very nice to know it’s there. The only issue you’ll have is that it’s a European-located company, so getting in touch with a local CSR is really not a possibility. FatCow is a bit more local for Americans, but it’s not quite as friendly when it comes to customer service. It’s not that FatCow has a bad customer service reputation, but rather that it’s just not quite as good as what AltusHost offers.

AltusHost vs FatCow – Pros & Cons



  • Great uptime;
  • Uses cPanel;
  • Easy to customize;
  • A wide range of service and payment options;
  • Very friendly customer service;


  • Only has European data centers;
  • A bit on the expensive side;
  • Most of the security features cost extra;
  • Too much content stuck behind paywalls;



  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Reliable;
  • Price point is reasonable;


  • No cPanel;
  • Slow;
  • Has had some downtime in the past;
  • Most security features aren’t included in the base plan;
  • Only one price point;

AltusHost vs FatCow – Rating

Hosting Company Performance Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
AltusHost 9/10 8/10 7/10 7/10 7/10 9/10
FatCow 3/10 7/10 9/10 7/10 6/10 8/10


These are definitely hosting companies for two very different types of users. If you want the rock-bottom price and a commitment to being green, FatCow is the host for you. If you’re looking for better service, better uptime and an altogether better hosting experience, though, AltusHost is probably the best choice for you. If we’re going to call one the winner, though, it has to be AltusHost.

We don’t have the only opinion that matters, though. If you’re used one of these hosts, you’ve probably got opinions of your own. Don’t be shy – get in contact and less us know how you rank AltusHost and FatCow.

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