A2Hosting vs InMotion Web Hosting Comparison

by Martin NortonSeptember 17, 2018

A2Hosting vs InMotion is a battle between two very different hosting services. While neither might be particularly well-known outside of the industry, they do work with different clientele. The goal of this InMotion vs A2Hosting comparison is to figure out which one is worth your money by looking at factors like performance, price, features, security, usability, and customer service. With this data in mind, you should be able to make a more informed choice when you are hesitant between A2Hosting and InMotion.

A2Hosting vs InMotion – Performance

A2Hosting and InMotion are two very different services when it comes to performance. InMotion is a solidly middle-of-the-road service that does a lot of things well for its users, but the overall performance isn’t anything special. A2Hosting, on the other hand, features the kind of performance that’s almost unheard of in most of the industry. Not only is it incredibly responsive, but it also features fantastic up-time. A2Hosting is definitely meant for power-users, with the kind of tech that makes those in the know salivate. This one’s easy to call – A2Hosting takes the win in the InMotion vs A2Hosting comparison for its outstanding performance.

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A2Hosting vs InMotion – Prices & Features

InMotion and A2Hosting are both multi-tiered platforms that allow users to get what they want from their experience. InMotion is more of a bargain-priced solution, with enough tools and price levels to keep customers who just need a good website happy. They offer dedicated, shared, VPS and WordPress hosting. A2Hosting, however, is more oriented towards users who already know what they’re using and need something incredibly dependable to keep their sites running.

Picking a winner here isn’t necessarily clear – A2Hosting definitely gives more, but it often costs less. InMotion is a solid choice for those who need something at a mid-range price, but it never quite performs at the level of A2Hosting. If you’re going for pure price, though, InMotion will simply give you more (SSD hosting, free data backups, zero downtime website transfers, multi-language support) for the money.

Hosting Company Price Range/Month Domains Disk Space (min. to max.) Bandwidth (min. to max.)
A2Hosting $3.38 – $99.59 5 to Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
InMotion $6.39-$105.69 1-25 100GB-Unlimited Unlimited

A2Hosting vs InMotion – Security

The good news is that both of A2Hosting and InMotion are very safe. InMotion has a fantastic track record of keeping consumer data safe with a few decent tools, none of which tend to require an extra subscription. They provide free security suite, including hack protection and SSL. A2Hosting provides basically the same level of protection for no extra subscription (free HackScan), though it does also have a nice site rewind back-up feature. If you’re going to look at InMotion vs A2Hosting based only on security, you’re probably going to get a slightly better value from A2Hosting – but not to the point that it should be the tipping point for choosing one service or the other.

A2Hosting vs InMotion – Usability

This is perhaps the easiest category to decide, simply because of how the two services are set up. Because InMotion tends to market towards novices a bit more heavily, it has a fantastic set of tools available (free BoldGrid builder and templates, free website and cPanel migrations) to hold the user’s hand throughout the whole hosting process. A2Hosting might actually have better tools overall, but they require a lot more experience to use well. It’s not that A2Hosting does a bad job with usability, it’s just that it expects more knowledge out of its users to get anything done. InMotion takes a definitive win here for making sure that even novice customers can build and host the sites they want to make with ease.

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A2Hosting vs InMotion – Customer Service

Both of InMotion and A2Hosting provide customers with an amazing level of customer service. Really, determining which one wins is a matter of what you want out of customer service in general. A2Hosting takes the nod if you’re looking for a host that provides you with multiple levels of a quick, personable customer service. InMotion takes the win if you’re looking for customer service that will always be routed through an American call center. All in all, A2Hosting really does have a much better system in place – it’s great about making sure that all of your issues get resolved and that you’re happy by the end of the interaction.

A2Hosting vs InMotion- Pros & Cons



  • Very fast;
  • Customer service is great;
  • Unparalleled up-time;
  • Solid security;
  • More options than you need;
  • Set-up is very easy;


  • Not very user-friendly;
  • Could use more security options;
  • Tries to up-sell too many new options;
  • Pricing can be very tricky;
  • Self-support really isn’t all that useful;



  • Solid up-time;
  • Good servers;
  • American call centers for customer service;
  • Transparent price structure;
  • WordPress integration is good;
  • Has a money-back guarantee;
  • Very friendly to new users;


  • Terrible verification;
  • Low prices go away quickly;
  • Limited plans;
  • Doesn’t stand out when it comes to tech;
  • Basic customer service is good, but could use a little more work;
  • Too many security upgrades are available;

A2Hosting vs InMotion Rating

Hosting Company Performance Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
A2Hosting 9/10 7/10 7/10 8/10 6/10 9/10
InMotion 5/10 8/10 9/10 7/10 7/10 8/10


It’s hard to just give flat scores to these two services because they are very different. A2Hosting wins the tale of the tape by being geared towards power users, though, even though InMotion makes a very strong case for being better for novices. These are two services intended for very different types of people, though those who really want to get the most for their money should stick with A2Hosting.

What do you think? Do more features make for a better service if they are hard to use? Or should you stick with ease of use even if it gets you less? Let us know what you think about InMotion vs A2Hosting!

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