A2Hosting vs GoDaddy Web Hosting Comparison

by Wanda CrowleyMarch 24, 2017

If you’re looking for the perfect web hosting company for your new or existing online business or blog, you may be wondering what the difference is between A2Hosting and GoDaddy. They both offer similar types of hosting. In this review, we will discuss the differences between the two hosts and compare their features. In this A2Hosting vs GoDaddy comparison, we’ll take into account how each company performs, their prices, features, security, usability, and customer service. Finally, we will rate the two in these areas.

A2Hosting vs GoDaddy – Performance

A2Hosting and GoDaddy have a wide range of hosting plans, so they could both be a good fit for any type of business. Their budget-friendly shared hosting accounts are good if you’re first starting out, but high traffic websites and large agencies would find more benefit in their VPS, reseller, or dedicated servers.

Both companies average an uptime of 99.95%, within the range of their 99.9% uptime guarantees. The biggest difference in performance for these two companies is speed. A2Hosting takes about half a second to load the average web page, while GoDaddy takes just over 3 seconds.

A2Hosting vs GoDaddy – Pricing & Features

Both hosting companies are constantly offering promotional prices for new customers. In fact, their most common promotional prices are 50% off, so both companies end up costing about the same with or without a promotional price.

GoDaddy’s lowest costing plan provides 100GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth for one website at a promotional price of $3.99/month (regularly $7.99). A2Hosting starts out with unlimited bandwidth and storage for one website at the starting price of $3.92 (usually $7.99). The biggest difference between their shared hosting services is that A2Hosting lets you pick between a Linux or a Windows based server.

Hosting Company Price Range/Month Domains Disk Space (min to max) Bandwidth (min to max)
A2Hosting $3.92-$10.78/mo 1 to Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
GoDaddy $3.99-$16.99/mo 1 to Unlimited 100GB to Unlimited Unlimited

A2Hosting offers more resources than GoDaddy, so they come out ahead in features.

GoDaddy vs A2Hosting – Security

GoDaddy offers free DDoS protection, 24/7 security monitoring of their server locations, and free backup and restore. While it’s still new, free DDoS protection is a relatively new thing in the industry.

A2Hosting has 24/7 monitoring as well as quadruple redundancies to keep all kinds of attacks away. They also balance their servers instead of overloading them with too many accounts, which is a major problem in the web hosting industry today. Both hosting services are equally safe, even though they have different ways of keeping their customers protected.

A2Hosting vs GoDaddy – Usability

A2Hosting offers Windows and Linux based servers, which is a growing trend throughout web hosting companies today. They offer cPanel for Linux servers and Plesk for Windows servers. Both of these are easy-to-use control panels on the market.

GoDaddy only offers Linux based hosting for their shared hosting customers, but they use cPanel and allow SSH access. While both have a marketplace to install free scripts and applications, A2Hosting offers more than GoDaddy, making A2Hosting come out on top.

A2Hosting vs GoDaddy – Customer Service

GoDaddy has 24/7 support that can be contacted via a ticket system, phone, and live chat. Their wait times are about 6 minutes for phone and chat. They also offer a 45-day money back guarantee.

A2Hosting offers a full 30-day money back guarantee and also an anytime money back guarantee which is unheard of in web hosting today. Their multilingual Guru Crew support is also 24/7 and available via ticket, phone, and chat. They also claim that they can get your site on Google within 24 hours of going live with a service called Attracta.

GoDaddy vs A2Hosting – Pros & Cons


Here are some of the highlights and lowlights of A2Hosting:


  • Fast page load speeds
  • Redundant security
  • Green host
  • Balanced servers


  • No free SSL on shared hosting
  • No DDoS-specific protection


Now here are the pros and cons for GoDaddy’s hosting services.


  • Short hold times for customer support
  • DDoS protection
  • 45-day money back guarantee


  • Slower than average page loads
  • Resources limited on lowest plans

A2Hosting vs GoDaddy – Rating

Hosting Company Performance Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
A2Hosting 9/10 9/10 10/10 9/10 10/10 9/10
GoDaddy 8/10 8/10 10/10 9/10 9/10 9/10


GoDaddy has a great following, and is an excellent source for domain registrations, no matter what hosting you end up using. However, they fall short in a few of their minor features. Their lower cost plans do not offer unlimited storage while A2Hosting does. A2Hosting balances all of their shared servers, while GoDaddy makes you pay extra for business class. While similar in performance, A2Hosting comes out on top for being fast, with more options and more user-friendly.

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