A2Hosting vs Arvixe Web Hosting Comparison

A2Hosting vs Arvixe

Choosing between web hosts can be confusing, especially if you are a first-time user. That’s where this article comes in, as a method of helping users choose between the hosts A2Hosting and Arvixe. Though the two hosts are quite different, looking at factors like performance, prices, features, customer service, security, and usability will allow users a chance to pick which service fits their needs better. Read on for a quick A2Hosting vs Arvixe comparison.

A2Hosting vs Arvixe – Performance

A2Hosting honestly does an amazing job for the price point at which it offers its services. The average uptime for a site on the host is well above ninety-nine percent, with most numbers closely approaching perfect uptime. The sites hosted by A2Hosting are also significantly faster than most sites serviced by similarly-priced hosts.

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Arvixe is closer to what you’d expect from a low-priced host. Uptime is fine – even great, compared to some. Speed, though, is a real low point. Sites on this host tend to load slowly and to respond even more slowly. If you’re looking at pure performance, you have to give A2Hosting the win on this one.

A2Hosting vs Arvixe – Prices & Features

A2Hosting and Arvixe are two very different hosts in terms of who they serve. A2Hosting is absolutely a power-user’s dream come true – it over-performs, offers every tool you could imagine and allows users to do what they want without putting limits on their usage. Arvixe, though, is more about price – a service with multiple reasonable price points and a notably clean user interface, this is the type of host you choose when you’re building your first site. Arvixe also has the very unique feature of allowing users to choose their own data center, which can be helpful for some responsiveness issues.

Hosting Company Price Range/Month Domains Disk Space (min. to max.) Bandwidth (min. to max.)
A2Hosting $3.92 – $99.59 5 to Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Arvixe $8-$25 6-Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

If you are looking purely at price, Arvixe can’t be beaten.

A2Hosting vs Arvixe – Security

Both Arvixe and A2Hosting fall into the same basic category when it comes to security. Both of them include the basics in their plans, including firewalls and security updates. Both also offer SSL certificates at an additional price, allowing users to further determine the priority at which they place security. Neither offers anything particularly spectacular, but neither has any real shortcomings either. As such, it’s perhaps best to say that the two hosts are tied in terms of security.

A2Hosting vs Arvixe – Usability

Simply put, Arvixe is amazing when it comes to usability. With a very clean back-end and some truly friendly features in its site builder, it’s the perfect balance between being feature-rich and being confusing for first-time builders. The site builder does a lot of the hard work for users, allowing them to set up a fair number of basic elements long before they start working on the site’s layout. If Arvixe’s site builder was available as a stand-alone product, it’d be worth buying.

A2Hosting may have more features overall, but it’s not nearly as friendly. A2Hosting hides all of its best tools behind menus and new pages, while Arvixe keeps them out for everyone to see. If you’re looking at pure usability, Arvixe is the clear winner.

A2Hosting vs Arvixe – Customer Service

A2Hosting has a great reputation for customer service. It’s not just that the service is good – which it is – but also that the service is friendly. Whether you are live-chatting, e-mailing or making a phone call, you’ll talk to someone who truly seems to want to help you make the best site you can. It’s one of the best customer service departments in the industry and A2Hostign seems to continually work towards making it even better.

It’d be hard for Arvixe to beat A2Hosting if it was perfect, but Arvixe has some real flaws. The biggest, of course, is the lack of phone support. While live web chatting does help to alleviate the problem a bit, some problems do require a phone call. While Arvixe does has a very nice sixty-day money back guarantee, it just can’t quite beat A2Hosting on the customer service front.

A2Hosting vs Arvixe – Pros & Cons



  • Blazing fast;
  • Best customer service out there;
  • Almost perfect uptime;
  • Reasonable security;
  • Good fit for most power-users and experienced pros;


  • Not as user-friendly as it could be;
  • Bets security options cost extra;
  • Pricing structure is opaque;



  • Good uptime;
  • Fantastic site builder;
  • Great selection of price points;


  • No live phone support;
  • Awful up-time;
  • Too many security up-sells;

A2Hosting vs Arvixe – Rating

Hosting Company Performance Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
A2Hosting 9/10 8/10 7/10 7/10 6/10 10/10
Arvixe 5/10 8/10 9/10 7/10 9/10 7/10


Who wins in this contest of web hosts? The numbers seem to favor A2Hosting, both because it’s got great features and because of the fantastic customer service. Arvixe is absolutely a great host if you have limited funds, but you really will get what you pay for with this service. If you want the best support and speed, A2Hosting is the winner.

This is just our opinion. Have you used either of these services before? Do you think they deserve their reputations? Let us know what you think of A2Hosting vs Arvixe by commenting below.

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