1and1 vs InterServer Web Hosting Comparison


1and1 and Interserver are very different types of hosting solutions. While they might have similar starting prices, it will quickly become apparent that the two companies have very different approaches to web hosting. The purpose of this 1and1 vs InterServer review is to compare the two services in order to figure out which one is the best fit for consumers, and to determine what the strengths and weaknesses of each host might be.

1and1 vs Interserver – Performance

Both sites have their selling points when it comes to performance. Interserver, for example, offers a 99.5% up-time guarantee to its customers. This seems to be fairly reasonable, especially as the hosted sites tend to hover even closer to 100% up time. While 1and1 does not have the same guarantee, it nonetheless features a similar level of performance.

Speed is where the two separate. Load speed on 1and1 isn’t anything special, hovering around the industry average. Interserver, on the other hand, is quite slow – usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000ms. That’s half the speed of most similar hosts and far below what you should expect. 1and1 is the clear winner here.

1and1 vs Interserver – Prices & Features

Interserver and 1and1 are two fairly different services targeting different segments of the population. The former is for business users who need uptime above anything else. The latter is targeted more towards site owners who value speed and efficiency even if it costs them something in terms of utility.

Hosting Company Price Range/Month Domains Disk Space (min. to max.) Bandwidth (min. to max.)
1&1 $4.99-12.99 Unlimited 10GB-Unlimited Unlimited
Interserver $4.99-50.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

If you’re looking at nothing more than money, 1and1 is going to come out ahead. While Interserv definitely offers more at its lowest price point, the $12.99 price point for the biggest package at 1and1 is a fantastic value.

1and1 vs Interserver – Security

Interserver’s got a solid security system in place thanks to its Intershield feature. This included feature does a little bit of everything, ranging from malware detection to email scanning. 1and1 also has its own suite of security features, including a solid certificate program, but charges extra for the use of the top-tier protections. As such, Intershield walks away as the winner in this contest. Intershield is mostly composed of programs that you’d expect to see from a host, but the fact that it’s included with hosting does make it particularly nice to have.

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1and1 vs Interserver – Usability

1and1 is not an easy service to use by any stretch of the imagination. The company uses its own back-end software, which makes it very hard to transfer your skills from one hosting platform over to 1and1. There’s actually a lot good about how the back-end works, but you’ll have to slog through too many tutorials to get any use out of it.

Interserver doesn’t do anything fancy with its user interface, which is fantastic. It does use cPanel, which means that you can use any skills that you’ve picked up elsewhere with this host. While it does offer a range of great features, it wins on usability simply because it does not try to reinvent the wheel.

1and1 vs Interserver – Customer Service

At a purely surface level, both of these companies seem to offer great support. You can get in contact with both through multiple channels and you’ll generally get in contact with someone who can fix your problem with relatively little difficulty. Unfortunately, Interserver has recently gotten something of a bad reputation for a lack of responsiveness. Many people put this down to the fact that the company is growing quickly and that new hires may not be knowledgeable about all the systems, but it’s still a problem for users. The steady customer service of 1and1 gives them the win in this category.

1and1 vs Interserver – Pros & Cons



  • Very solid prices;
  • Good number of products at multiple price points;
  • No major downtime incidents;
  • Good customer service with knowledgeable staff;
  • Set up well for experienced users;
  • Reasonable speed;


  • Back-end is really poorly thought out;
  • Confusing UI makes it hard to use;
  • Assumes a level of competency not held by all users;
  • A bad fit for WordPress;
  • Performance won’t wow anyone;
  • Best security costs extra;
  • Still has a bad reputation online;



  • BBB Accredited;
  • Great reputation;
  • Multiple award-winner;
  • Uptime guarantee;
  • Good range of services;
  • Money back guarantee;
  • Able to lock in prices;
  • Limits growth so existing customers don’t get lost;


  • Customer service can be unresponsive;
  • Limited growth can make it hard to get hosting;
  • Doesn’t include all its services in any package;
  • Too much up-selling;
  • Too slow for most;

1and1 vs Interserver – Rating

Hosting Company Performance Features Prices Security Usability Customer Support
1and1 7/10 8/10 9/10 9/10 4/10 9/10
Interserver 9/10 9/10 8/10 9/10 9/10 6/10


Picking a winner here is really more of a value judgment than anything else. If you value speed, price, and customer service, you’ll want to go with 1and1. If you value reliability, utility, and reputation, you will want to work with Interserver. Both have their strong selling points, but it’s often easier to go with 1and1 if you really need to get a site up and running today.

What do you think of these two hosting services? Have you had good or bad experiences that you want to share with others? Do you know something we don’t know about these hosts? Let us know by getting in contact and sharing your expertise.

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