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February 24, 2018

1and1 vs BlueHost Web Hosting Comparison

BlueHost and 1and1 are both among the more popular hosting services on the web. Figuring out which to use can be difficult, though, if you don’t have all the information. The goal of this 1and1 vs BlueHost comparison is to provide an objective look at the two services by comparing their performance, prices, features, customer service, and usability.

1and1 vs Bluehost – Performance

Neither BlueHost, nor 1and1 offer anything special in terms of performance. BlueHost works about as well as the average host in terms of speed of delivery, but only barely. 1and1, on the other hand, generally spends its time with the bargain-bin hosts. BlueHost can certainly offer [...]

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February 23, 2018

1and1 vs FatCow Web Hosting Comparison

1and1 and FatCow both occupy similar places in the world of web hosting. They are both low-cost solutions that still provide the tools necessary for everything from personal blogs to eCommerce. They both have unique ways of doing things, though, and comparing them does require a deep dive into how they work. This article will provide you with a 1and1 vs FatCow comparison of the performance, prices, features, security, and customer service of both companies in order to figure out which is the better low-cost web host.

1and1 vs FatCow – Performance

It’s not often that a middle-of-the-road score will be a winner in a review, but that’s certainly the case in the [...]

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February 22, 2018

A2Hosting vs SquareSpace Web Hosting Comparison

SquareSpace is one of the best-known names in website hosting, with a media campaign that’s incredibly popular among tech-friendly consumers. A2Hosting, on the other hand, is something of a cipher – it rarely advertises and doesn’t have a very high profile. The two hosts are, though, among the best out there. This A2Hosting vs SquareSpace web hosting comparison analyzes a number of factors including performance, prices, features, security, customer service, and usability. By looking at all of these factors, a clear victor will emerge.

A2Hosting vs SquareSpace – Performance

In pure performance terms, both SquareSpace and A2Hosting are actually quite [...]

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January 30, 2018

Bluehost vs KnownHost Web Host Comparison

What kind of hosting service are you looking for? Are you looking for a small, low-cost host where your budding new website can take root, or are you looking for a more robust hosting with all the bells and whistles? Our Bluehost vs KnownHost web host comparison takes a look at these two hosting companies that you could be considering for either situation.

Below is an explanation of the services of Bluehost and KnownHost, as well as a rundown of the good, the bad and the ugly. This way you can make an educated decision between the two web hosting services.

Bluehost vs KnownHost – Performance

Speed and reliability are important, and KnownHost has the best uptime in [...]

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